I. Введение в ситуацию.

Teacher (T): The theme of our lesson is "A visit of the foreign delegation to the design office". The employees of the design office: President, Financier, Engineer, and Personnel Manager have a press-conference to answer the questions potential customers may have.

а) Пресс-конференция.

President: Nowadays many countries are interested in building plants and complexes to process their own raw materials. Our design office can do survey, design and con­struction work. To throw light upon the activity of our design office and to tell our potential customers about the services our office provides, we have invited foreign representatives working in our country and journalists from specialized magazines to our press-conference. Ask your questions, ladies and gentlemen.

Возможные вопросы: When was your office set up? Is it engaged in foreign trade? What pro­jects have you done? What kinds of work does your office do? Is it difficult to run such a big orga­nization? What terms of delivery do you prefer? Do your customers often ask you to speed up the delivery? What do you usually discuss with the customers? Where do you train the customers' specialists? Where do you insure your equipment?

6) Письмо из Ливана. (Текст письма предварительно размножен, и его читают все учащиеся.)

President: We have received a letter from our potential customers from Lebanon. Here it is.

Dear Sirs,

Our representative has attended your press-conference in Moscow and we would like to tell you about our problems.

Metal construction in our country is growing steadily, but we can't afford to import iron ore or steel products, as there is not enough hard curren­cy. The USA has offered its help, but the interest rate is usually too high and they try to impose their terms and conditions as to how to use the capital they provide as help.

However, a national goal is to have an indepen­dent and self-reliant economy, and the construc­tion of a steel plant in the area is one of the means to do it. Russia always offers more favourable terms and conditions and trains the customer's national specialists. Russian designers can work out drawings of non-standard equipment and carry out geological and geodetic investigations.

Unfortunately the plant will pollute air, water and soil. Nowadays the demand for "clean" enter­prises grows with every year, and the need for purifying installations is urgent.

But such installations make the total construc­tion cost much higher. There is the alternative of locating the plant in the desert area, but it would involve a lot of other problems: road construction, delivery of iron ore to the plant, water and power supply. Besides, the proposed construction site can't be located near ancient ruins

Приложение №3

which are pro­tected by the state.

After the evaluation the iron-ore deposits, it was concluded that the composition of iron doesn't comprise more than 30%. This means that local iron ore should be concentrated with a mixture of ore and coke.

We would like to inform you that our delegation is coming to Moscow to discuss the possibility of establishing business relations with your company.

Yours faithfully,

President of Lebanon Metal Works Ltd.

Проверка понимания прочитанного What are they going to construct? Why didn't they take American help? What kinds of work do they want us to do?

в) Географическая справка о Ливане. (Moжет быть подготовлена с использованием «Большой Советской Энциклопедии».)

Т: Our Geographer has prepared the geographical background.

г) Программа пребывания делегации в Москве.

President: While we are preparing to receive the customer's delegation, we have to draw up a tentative programme of the points we are going to discuss and a cultural programme. The delegation will spend 4 days in Moscow. Our specialists have prepared the program.

Программа пребывания делегации в Москве представлена на плакате, подготовленном учащимися заранее, после предварительного обсуждения хода деловой игры:

1st day: - Meeting the delegation at the airport

  • Making arrangements about room at the hotel.

  • Discussing some business points at the office.

  • Sightseeing tour.

2nd day: - Discussing terms of delivery, delivery
dates and guarantee period.

  • A visit to the Bolshoi Theatre.

3rd day: - Discussing the training of specialists.


4th day: - Discussing terms of payment and insurance and signing the contract.

- Departure of the delegation.

II. Визит иностранной делегации

T: Let's acquaint ourselves with the members of the delegation. They are Mr. Ali, Vice-President; Mr. Smith, Personnel Manager; Mrs. Abu, Financier, and Miss Brown, Engineer.

When people go on a trip to another coun­try, they read something about the country they are going to or speak to people who have been there. What do you know about Russia? Is Russia the biggest country in the world? What mountains divide Russia into two parts? Russia is a rich country. What is it rich in? What is the longest Russian river? What is the symbol of Russia? What can you say about Russian people?

Приложение №3

а) В аэропорту.

T: We are at the airport now. Our engineer is here to meet the delegation.

  • Good morning. Are you Mr. Ali, the head of the delegation? I'm an engineer from the design office. I'm here to meet you.

  • Good morning. It's very nice of you. Let me introduce my colleagues to you. This is Mr. Smith. This is Mrs. Abu. This is Miss Brown.

  • Glad to meet you. Now we are going to the hotel to make arrangements about the rooms.

Учащиеся, играющие роли ливанцев, рассказывают о себе, «своих» семьях, ин­тересах.

б) В гостинице.

Т: We are at the hotel now. This is a man­ager of our hotel. What can you say about your hotel?

Manager: Our hotel is modern and well equipped. There are single rooms, double-rooms and suites at our hotel. There is a pri­vate bathroom, a refrigerator and a colour TV-set in each room. The price for the rooms is reasonable. There is a snack-bar and a cof­fee-stall on every floor of the hotel. We have a lot of facilities. There is a barber's, a hair­dresser's, a shoe-repair shop, a foreign curren­cy bank, a laundry and a restaurant. All of them are on the ground floor of the hotel.

Breakfast is from 8 until 10 o'clock, lunch is from 11 until 15.30, dinner is from 18 until 20 downstairs at the restaurant. Dear guests, please make arrangements about the room.

Образец диалога между администрато­ром гостиницы и представителем иност­ранной делегации:

  • Good morning. Can you spare me a minute?

  • Good morning. What can I do for you?

  • I believe you have a vacant room for me from today for 4 days.

  • We can offer you a single room with a private bathroom.

  • How much does it cost?

  • 30 dollars a night.

  • Oh, that's a reasonable price. What facilities are there in the hotel?

  • There is a barber's, a hairdresser's, a shoe-repair shop, a foreign currency bank, a laundry and a restaurant. All of them are on the ground floor of the hotel.

  • By the way, what time is breakfast?

  • Breakfast is from 8 until 10 o'clock, lunch is from 11 until 15.30, dinner is from 18 until 20 downstairs at the restaurant.

  • Can I have breakfast in my room?

  • Certainly, you can have breakfast in your room.

  • Thank you. What is my room number?

- Your room number is.... Here is your key.
в) В проектной организации.

Т: We are at the design office now. We shall discuss our design office work and

Приложение №3

our cus­tomer's problems.

Образец беседы руководителя иност­ранной делегации и руководителя проект­ной организации:

  • Before getting down to business, can you tell us about the range of services your office pro­vides? When was your office set up?

  • Our design office was set up in 1990, but it was a small bureau. In a couple of years it became a full-scale design office. When the firm started, all we did was to design small projects - Feasibility Reports and Detailed Project Reports, basic and detailed engineering, and survey and investigations.

  • What kinds of work do you do now?

  • We expanded to become the country's lead­ing designer and constructor of projects. On top of that we now offer full engineering services, and consulting for our clients.

  • Are all your departments located here in these premises?

  • Not all our departments are located here in these premises. This is our Head Office. The branch offices are scattered all over the country. There are more than ten firms in the business.

  • It's a job to run this big organization, isn't it?

  • Yes, it is, but we get together for general meetings and the manager fills us in on the recent policies of the company. The service we offer requires skilled staff. Our specialists are creative and experienced. Can you tell me about your prob­lems?

  • We came to discuss the possibility of con­structing a metallurgical plant on local iron-ore.

  • Did you find a suitable site?

  • Yes, we decided to construct the complex in the populated area. Unfortunately the plant will pollute air, water and soil. Nowadays the demand for "clean" enterprises is growing every year and the need for purifying installations is urgent. But such installations make the total construction cost much higher. Can you help us to solve our problems?

- Yes, we do design work, supply complete plants and equipment, and send highly qualified experts to the customer's country to carry out start-up and adjustment operation of our equip­ment. On top of this we supply spare parts and guarantee trouble-free operation of our equipment.

- Do you construct projects on a turn-key basis?

We construct projects on a turn-key basis undertake total design, supply and construction. But let's continue discussing business points tomorrow, shall we? Now we invite you on an excursion about Moscow.

г) Экскурсия no Москве. (Рассказ может быть подготовлен с использованием до­полнительной литературы, например: Денисова Л.Г., Meзенин СМ. Английский язык. Интенсивный курс. - М., 1995.)

Примерные вопросы экскурсоводу: Is Spasskaya the biggest tower of the Kremlin? Which tower of the Kremlin is the oldest one? Is Ostankinskaya TV tower taller than any other TV tower in the world? What is the longest street in Moscow?

Приложение №3

What is the widest street in Moscow? What is the biggest square in Moscow? What is the smallest square in Moscow? What is the oldest square in Moscow?

д) Обсуждение условий поставки, сроков поставки, периода гарантии.

Т: We are at the office now. It's time to dis­cuss terms of delivery, delivery dates and guarantee period.

Образец диалога, беседуют инженеры:

  • This way, Mr..... Make yourself comfortable. Tea or coffee?

  • No, thank you. I'd like to get down to busi­ness right away. We are interested in signing a con­tract with you.

  • That's nice to hear. Have you any points to discuss?

-Yes. I must say that we can't accept FOB terms. Can you deliver your equipment on CIF terms'?

  • Yes, we've prepared our CIF prices. This problem can be settled.

  • Besides, we'd like you to speed up the delivery.

  • Well. I think we can reduce the delivery peri­od to 9 months.

  • We also ask you to prolong the guarantee period to 18 months.

  • I'm sorry I can't give the answer now. I can't promise anything, but I'll do my best to meet your request.

е) Посещение театра.

T: We are going to the theatre now. Let me introduce our theatre critic.

Возможные вопросы театральному критику: Is Moscow a city of theatre-goers? How many theatres are there in Moscow? Which is the best-known of them? When was it founded? When was it opened? Who starred on its stage? How many actors and musicians work there? What is on today?

T: The Verdi opera "La Traviata" is on. Our seats are in different places: in the stalls, the pit, in the dress-circle and in the box. Take the programmes and let's read them.

Now let's listen to the most famous fragment of the opera - the duet of Violetta an Alfredo and then you will tell us about your impressions of the opera.

ж) Диалог о подготовке специалистов.
Беседуют менеджеры по персоналу.

- We've studied your request and are ready to train a group of 20 engineers from
your country.

  • That's fine. And where are you going train them?

  • At our plant in St.-Petersburg.

  • Good. That's just what we wanted to ask you about.

  • When would you like us to start training?

  • The sooner the better.

  • Here's our draft contract. We hope our terms and conditions will be all right.

  • We hope so too.

З) В магазине.

T: Let me introduce our shop-assistant .What can you say about shopping?

Shop-assistant: It is very convenient to shopping in our supermarket. We have many departments under one roof. You can buy dresses, blouses, skirts, coats and

Приложение №3

many other things in our women's clothing department. In the men's clothing department you buy suits, trousers, overcoats, and ties. In knitwear department you can buy sweaters, pullovers, and woolen jackets. You can buy vacuum-cleaners, washing machines, TV sets, tape-recorders, and new models of computers in the electric appliances department. You can buy different toys in the toy department.

T: Our managers and shop assistants polite and qualified. Our customers like to do shopping here. In our book-shop you can buy different kinds of books.

  • Good morning. What can I do for you?

  • I'd like to buy an English-Russian dictionary. How much do they cost?

-120 roubles.

  • Here you are.

  • Thank you.

и) Обсуждение сроков и условий плате­жа и страхования.

Беседуют финансисты.

  • We'd like you to open a letter of credit with the Bank of Russia.

  • That's our usual practice with Russian firms. What documents will you send for payment?

  • A full set of shipping documents, as usual.

-1 think we can accept these terms of payment. And where will the equipment be insured?

-We usually insure the equipment with Ingosstrakh.

  • Very good. Now we're ready to sign the con­tract.

  • That's nice to hear.

к) Отъезд делегации.

T: We are pleased with the results of the talks. We hope our relations will develop in future. The delegation is leaving and we wish them a happy journey. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality.

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