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clever eat good friends many said must dogs much and

The Clever Little Bird

A Little Bird was in a tree. A big Grey Cat came to the tree. He saw the


Little Bird and wanted to (21) the bird.

"I can have that bird for my dinner," thought the Cat. 22

"Good morning, Little Bird," (22) the Cat.

"Good morning, Grey Cat," said the Bird. 23

"Good news (hoboctи,)!" said the Cat.

" (23) news? What news?" asked the Bird. 24

The Cat said: "Very good news! All animals are good friends now! Come
to me! I want to speak to you. I like you very __________ (24)." 25

But the Little Bird was very (25).

'You are my friend, you like me (26) I like you. But I

see (27) dogs and they are on the way to

this tree."

"Oh, dogs! I (28) run home!" said the Cat.

"Oh, don't run away. The dogs know that all animals are (29),"

said the Bird.

"They are country dogs, not town (30). They do not know

the news," said the Cat and ran away. 30